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First Okinawa cafe in Hong Kong

Okinawa specialty, in addition to Antoshimo 6 Star 'Bun' (arguably the best in the history of bun), There are many very representative of the products, such as Okinawa noodle (Soba), peanut tofu (Jimami), sea grape (Umebuto ), ectocarpus (Mozoku), snow salt......ancient cultural influences as well as by China, Japan and the United States, Okinawa has a rich cultural and historical background, among the best examples can be said Ryukyu music (Ryūkyū ongaku), stone lion statue (Shisa), Ryukyu language. Let us say "Antoshimo e MENSORE" Welcome to Antoshimo.

When Okinawa met on Hong Kong Island

There are 5 Antoshimo branches in Okinawa, Hong Kong as their first store outside of Okinawa and development branch of the Asia-Pacific region headquarters. For the introduction of Okinawa specialty and culture, Antoshimo first store in Hong Kong was decided as a cafe style - Okinawa Cafe. Antoshimo with trump card in addition to six Star 'Bun', also introduced a distinctive Okinawan cuisine and retail products. I hope to promote Hong Kong as the first stop of Okinawan culture to acknowledge the strong support of the Okinawa government for this project made​​.


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